Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Empty your pockets

Contents of my hoodie pocket.

A sprig of Irish Juniper (Juniperus communis 'Hibernica'), with smaller denser foliage and a more columnar shape than the standard wild plant. The latter is now quite uncommon in the southern UK, and the junipers in towns and gardens are always varieties. This sprig came from the industrial estate, where there are a pair of junipers flanking the entrance to a small office.

Crumpled tissue from Costa Coffee, with the legend "Better latte than never". You get given a tissue if you buy e.g. a slice of cake. You can't just grab a clutch of tissues yourself anymore. This is all part of the industry's effort to reduce landfill waste. I've been told by staff thattCosta now recycle nearly everything. (Despite much office myth, takeaway cups can be recycled, but not in the standard cardboard.. you need to put them with the drinks cartons. ) . I've also been told (by staff) that Pret A Manger recycle almost nothing. I can't confirm either story, but every chain needs to address the problem. Somewhere ahead, the south-western chain Boston Tea Party doesn't use disposable cups at all... If you want a takeaway drink you have to bring your own ecocup, or rent one.

Marble found in the lane. Opaque green base, with streaks of blue, red and yellow. Such a common type must have its own name, but I haven't managed to find it. 90% of the world's marbles are manufactured by Vacor de Mexico, founded in Guadalajara in 1930.


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