Saturday, December 29, 2018

Lego Burger Restaurant

A few years ago, when Shell were planning to drill for oil in the Arctic, there was a campaign to stop Lego from product-placing Shell fuel lorries and filling-stations in their happy child's world of knobbly bricks. The two companies had had a friendly relationship for half a century. Nevertheless, as far as I remember the campaign was successful, and probably gave impetus to the divestment movement. Coincidentally, I believe, Shell abandoned their Arctic scheme not long afterwards, at least for the moment.

Here, meanwhile, is Lego reinforcing regular visits to the local drive-through to consume beefburgers. Beef is the most environmentally-unfriendly meat we farm. (Chicken is perhaps the cruellest).

Underlying it all, Lego have simply no rivals in positively reinforcing plastic as a material; they made it beautiful. Lego is a celebration of the Oil Era. Sure, High St commerce is all about making us pay for plastic we don't need; in the packaging if not the product itself. But most of the plastic we take home isn't really loved, plastic is not usually felt to be a prestigious material.


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