Thursday, November 26, 2009

nov ber

It must've just rained, and every car and truck on the motorway flared yellow lit by the early sun.

For miles. The blurred edge of the raincloud in the sky up ahead.

Cold shower in our faces, crossing the carpark, the footbridge over the fishpond, the alley under the road to the scabby stepford wives fake theme-pub/PO/TescoExpress/Takeaway Chinese-Chippy combo (on the map, this is called "local centre"). Returning, the shower was over, the fake theme-pub glittered along its edges, our shadows fell across the fishpond and the motionless gold carp all woke up and started to swim really quick and powerful so they weren't made of plastic after all.

These are compact-format prints: 5" x 3 1/2".

Stout bare nettle stalk with a green top-knot, whorled decay of parasol into soup, alder seeds (flute-tweet)

Energy of being inside, great time of year for being in a big open-plan well-lit office.

See where the rain is falling from the cloud, slanting down behind it. No, that doesn't make sense; the cloud must be moving in the same direction as the rain. So clouds don't trail rain, they lead with it. But how can that be, the rain must be more resistant to wind than the cloud, so how can it get ahead. It is windier beneath the cloud than where the cloud is. It is windier down here. But the rain brings the wind, doesn't it? Do clouds generate their own motion?


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