Thursday, February 02, 2012

Berrow Gold: Rarities

[Going through my old posts putting in the labels, I ran across this, a forgotten draft from a sunny 1st September 2009:]

past, the resemblance, the fluttering face of my life
B7 B7 B7 trouble and strife

The man in the ten-gallon hat and the crossed cartridge belts.
Was striding the streets of Laredo or was it Brean Vill. [(-age.)]

Two deaf old ladies in the corner, talking about him. One goes up to the bar. She comes back and says: Apparently it's just some cunt from Weston.

Epic Soundtracks and Nikki Sudden, the Godfrey brothers, are gone. Biggie Tembo, David Mankaba, Shakespeare Kangwena, Shepherd Munyama... I can't remember how many Beatles are still left. There are gaps in my teeth.

The flag of St George is at its very best near the coast, defying the Welsh. And hey! Remember Dunkirk. Gibraltar. Midget Submarines. Dresden Style.

That whippy creation of mere air, Agrostis, and tender, nibbled banks - F. ovina...


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